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Mila Jane - IVF Birth Journey

What a testament of faith this past year has been for the Castillos! Jamie and Chris had known that the path to grow their family would present its challenges, beginning with rounds of fertility testing and, ultimately, IVF. Receiving continued counsel from their doctors, they began initial treatment in early February. Their prayers remained steadfast - asking God to maintain their strength as a couple and that they relinquish all control to Him, no matter the outcome, while recognizing the physical and emotional tolls that this season was sure to bring them both.

After a successful first-time transfer in March of 2017, Jamie’s health presented some issues that eventually landed her on bedrest and an advanced admission to the hospital. Even during this time of anxiousness and fear, God held them close. On the afternoon of November 2nd, He brought the gift of Mila Jane into the world - despite being five weeks early, she was a healthy premature baby. Although little Mila faced some unplanned complications that extended her stay in the NICU, the Lord’s favor persisted, and her parents were able to bring their baby girl home before Thanksgiving.

The 2017 year for Jamie and Chris has surely been one of faith, hope and love - FAITH in God and in His ultimate will throughout this journey, HOPE for the health of both mother and baby during Jamie’s pregnancy and healing following Mila’s birth, and the overwhelming LOVE for the precious new life that the Lord has blessed them with to raise up, nurture, and cherish.

Blog Post written by Jamie and Chris Castillo